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Taking Charge of Your Potentials

With the onset of the new year, we all look forward to new opportunities, to setting of new goals and accomplishing them and yes, we also wonder what exactly lies ahead.  How will the industry I work in fare in the year ahead and how do I prepare?  What can I do to maximize my opportunities and potentials? Each year brings different challenges and opportunities, being aware of such possibilities can benefit and serve you better to making more informed choices and decisions.  

A little help from feng shui – Earth Luck

The Chinese believes that feng shui is based on the energy from one of the three kinds of benevolent luck, Earth Luck.  A person’s luck is divided into the Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck; the combination and influence of these three luck forms and shapes one’s life.  The positive natural energy around you can help with your own natal chart.  Awareness is the key.  The ability to find, harness and activate these energies can help your chances of achieving your goals and finding success.  As you can see astrology plays a vital role in feng shui.  To determine how the year ahead is going to look like, feng shui practitioners usually analyze the BaZi and the Flying Star Feng Shui Chart of the year.

The Flying Star Feng Shui is considered a more advanced and complex compass system of feng shui due to its powerful effect.  It uses the Lo Shu Square and is an excellent tool to use before construction of a house or building.  In this system the ‘stars’(numbers) move around the nine cells of the Lo Shu Square, done by calculating the movement of Qi, determined by the house/building’s construction date (time ) and its magnetic orientation (space).   Each of the stars or numbers represents different things rotating and changing location every year.  With time, the energy that occupies a certain space changes.  An area that has good feng shui this year might not be that great next year.

That is why feng shui focuses on ‘activating’ the areas that have the good energies and avoid the areas that are ‘afflicted’ each year.  A reading of the annual Flying Star Feng Shui chart will reveal the three important afflicted directions or areas which are:  the Grand Duke (Tai Sui), the Five Yellow (Wu Huang) and the Three Killings (San Sha) and the other important auspicious and inauspicious stars and their locations for the year.  Energy changes with the alignment of the stars and planets, it is for this reason that feng shui enthusiasts check the feng shui chart of each year.  More information on the 2015 feng shui forecast in our March 2015 Newsletter.

Needless to say, this is only a glimpse, attend one of our feng shui seminars to learn more about feng shui or arrange for a personal feng shui consultation on your home.  Check our website for more updates.


Soup’s Ready!

One of my all time favorite food whatever season we’re in is… SOUP.

It’s one of the more versatile food that I can think of that can be served as part of your supper, lunch or as a snack.  Soup is a complete meal in itself, as I usually cook mine with a combination of meat and vegetables.  I prefer homemade soup but have also use store bought ones in last minute situations.

Sugar is one of the common ingredients in our food and yes, you can find it in soup.   To promote a healthier lifestyle, we’ve been asked to cut down on our sugar consumption.  So what other natural and healthy alternatives to sugar can we use in our soup?

Cooking and learning from family and friends, I have discovered that carrots, sugar cane or radishes are good alternatives and can enhance the sugar/salt balance in soup.  Try using them the next time you’re cooking soup.

More Storage = Less Clutter?

With spring just around the corner, there seems to be an increase in articles on clutter and how to de-clutter.  Let me share some of my own insights with regards clutter and clutter clearing.

It was way back in the 80’s when organizing my own home storage system that I realized having more storage rooms, cabinets, shelves or boxes does not necessarily translate to a clutter free room or home.  This realization was also reinforced when I visited a friend’s office.  All his binders and papers were on the floor even with more than enough storage units in his office.  Why then all the ‘mess’?  “Sorry it’s a mess here but I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to clear and file them”, he offered as an explanation.

We all accumulate ‘stuff’ that most often we don’t need, use or only use once.  How can we avoid doing this?  An option to minimizing this challenge is perhaps by following the rules of the 3Rs.  Reduce your carbon footprint and consumption by buying less or only what is necessary, reusing whatever can be reused and to recycle what can be renewed instead of adding to our landfill.

The reality is even with enough storage spaces we still have to make the effort to sort through and organize our ‘stuff’.  Perhaps following the environmental strategy of the 3Rs will also serve us well in facing the storage and clutter clearing challenges we face in our lives.

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