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Feng Shui Tips – Interior Environment

The creation and flow of positive energy in a home is vital to the well being of the home occupants; here are some tips worth remembering when looking at the layout of the rooms in a property.

  • Main entrances should be bright and welcoming, it should not open to a crammed space or stairway.
  • Avoid excessive long and dark hallways.
  • Dining room should not have a full view or be located too near the main or front entrance.
  • Indoor stairs should not be in the center of the house.
  • The kitchen should not be the first room you see when you enter the house or directly opposite your front door.
  • Make sure the cook has a good view of the door to the kitchen.
  • Placement of the bed in a bedroom is very important and preferably located in the auspicious direction of the sleeper base on his/her Ming Kua.
  • Bathrooms and toilets should not be located in the center of the house.

Feng Shui and Real Estate Sessions

We’ve developed a series of “Feng Shui and Real Estate Sessions” (FSRES) to help you on your personal journey to a better understanding of this practice.  These advance feng shui sessions are tailored to give you a deeper insight to the principles and complex systems of Traditional Feng Shui.  Take this opportunity to gain more knowledge on how feng shui can assist you, your love ones, friends and clients.

Why is the age of a building an important element in the feng shui selection of a property?  What are the 5 elemental remedies?

Please join us in our upcoming introductory FSRE Sessions on the time factor and astrological component of feng shui, the importance of your natal chart/birthday and your Ming Kua; the 5 elemental remedies and the Annual Flying Stars.  Find out why in a feng shui audit and consultation all these elements are important and taken into consideration when analyzing and selecting a property.

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Feng Shui Tips – Exterior Environment

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking at properties.  In feng shui, the condition and quality of your exterior landscape and environment is more important than the interior design or environment of your home.

Look for the classic ‘armchair position’ which indicates the presence of all the four celestial animals on your property.  These are namely, the Black Turtle in the back, the White Tiger on the right, the Green Dragon on the left and the Red Phoenix in the front of the property.  The contours and landscape of your land will indicate the presence or absence of auspicious qi energy.

Investigate the neighborhood before buying.  Avoid surprises, especially negative ones.  Man made structures such as buildings and roads represent the mountains, hills and roads in ancient China and need to be carefully analyzed.  Try to avoid buying a property that is close to yin energy; and regular shaped lots are preferable than irregular ones.