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Homemade Bread

Took a break from the computer and got down to some serious kitchen business.

Thought I get my hand floured and dirty… baking bread. The bread didn’t turn out as what I would have liked, but it didn’t matter, it didn’t last.  It was all gone by the end of the day….. lol.  Must be good, I actually thought so too.  Yum…. had bake 3 more since then.  Yes!

Soon after that, I tried my hand at a Flatbread recipe… Looks pretty good, right?  Well, those didn’t last long either.

Not sure if this virus crisis is going to change a lot of professions….seems like we’re turning into chefs and bakers.  Ultimately, discovering the joy of eating home cook meals and bake goodies.

Much as I enjoy cooking and baking, I don’t think I’ll have the luxury of spending all my time in the kitchen though.

Do any of you guys have some baking and cooking stories to share, while we’re all social distancing and staying home?

Stay Safe, Stay Home and Stay Healthy Everyone!




Finger and Hand Exercises – Warm Up Stretches You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

Hi everyone,

Sharing some warm-up stretches you could do before you start working on your computer or your day.  Warming up is an essential part of sports and physical activity, so why not incorporate these exercises into your working day.   They are pretty simple and do not take a lot of time.   I find them helpful, hope you do too.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay At Home!


In the Meantime: Thoughts and Assessments

So how is everyone these days?

In our case, we’re trying not to go for grocery run unless really necessary…. it’s been 1 week now, hoping for at least 2 weeks before needing more supplies….. here’s what I think.

I guess the secret these days is to eat less, which is supposed to be the secret to long life, eating less will also extend food supply, lessen the need to go washroom, thus no need to use toilet paper a lot, extending the supply, when you eat less hopefully it will help you avoid obesity due to now a sedentary lifestyle in front of computers, TVs, and also help extend your cash as nobody knows when this will all blow over.

Looks like a Win, Win situation I think…. eh???

Other cautionary suggestions:

To avoid accidents and burns, please wash your hands when you have hand sanitizer on before using your stove, especially gas stoves.   Hand sanitizers contain alcohol which is combustible near gas or fire.  Don’t take any chances.   A few burn cases have happened with people getting burned when they turned on their stoves.

Why on earth would people use hand sanitizer when they’re cooking and touching food is also something I don’t understand?

When to use Hand Sanitizer – use them only when you have no access to water and soap.  Save them for use outside your home and not indoor wherein you can always wash your hand, which is actually the best way to clean your hands and stay safe.

Stay safe, stay healthy and Stay Home!!!


Trying to Find Any Kind of Social Distancing Loophole Isn’t Worth the Risk

“Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease expert with the University Health Network in Toronto, said trying to find any kind of social distancing loophole isn’t wise.”

“If we want to get this completely contained, we need to do everything we can to stop the virus from being able to transmit.”

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