Confused as to what type of Feng Shui are you practicing?

Are you more confused as you read more books, get more information and further study and practice feng shui?  You’re probably not alone.  Feng Shui has now become so commercialized that it’s really difficult to understand it in its pure form.  Just what type of feng shui have you been using?  Don’t you want to know especially if you have not seen the results that you were hoping for?  I have posted a new short video to briefly introduce the two more popular types and its difference.

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Feng Shui Tip – Metal Element

In Classical Feng Shui we use the 5 elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to either enhance the good energy or to exhaust the negative energy of a space.

I like to talk a bit about the metal energy that is needed to minimize the inauspicious energy of the #2 and #5 Earth Stars which are in the West and North sector of our homes this year. One remedy used for the #2 and #5 stars is the 6 rod all metal wind chime. But sometimes it’s difficult to find one and it can be pricey as well. There are other alternatives.  Such as this ‘all brass wall decoration’ (pictured here) which  I thought was perfect and really heavy that will also do the job. Got a good price for it too. Some of our common office and household furniture or objects can also be used for this purpose. I like to use and position my metal filing cabinet when I need to press down the inauspicious energy of the #2 or #5 in my office.

Remember, it’s just a matter of arranging or rearranging them to create the good energy flow that you want in your home.


Feng Shui and Real Estate Free Event

Hello everyone,

Detached, link, townhouse or condo…. what are the types of housing available and what’s the difference?

The real estate scene has been pretty hot in the last few years but there are still questions out there.  In this event, I will talk about some of the real estate terms and basic information you’d need to know as a home buyer.   The focus of this real estate portion will be on the local (North American) type of housing.

The feng shui portion will be on landforms and the external environment tips which are very important in your search for your first or next home.  This event will be especially useful for first time home buyers as well as for those moving up and would like to know more about the two subjects.

I will need to know how many of you are interested for me to pursue this further.  Register here to let me know if you are interested…. also if you have any question or suggestions for the event.  More details will be supplied once I have enough feedback/registration.  Hear from you guys soon.



2018 Feng Shui – 3 Afflicted Areas in Your Home

Hello everyone,

I have just posted a video on You Tube pertaining to 3 areas in your home or office that you have to be extra careful in using.  These areas are where the Grand Duke, Sui Po, 3 Killings and the 5 Yellow are located.  Of course, we also have the other negative energies of the #2, #3 and #7 to be careful of too.  Watch the video to learn more.

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Get Your Own Copy of the 2018 Feng Shui Calendar Guide

Hello everyone,

You can now purchase the digital copy of my 2018 Annual Feng Shui Calendar Guide.  The guide will still be useful for planning and scheduling your important business and personal activities, even at this time.

It has all the 12 Monthly Flying Star Charts and information for you to plot your own personal good days and be aware of days that are not so favourable for special events, activities or important work.

It also has information on the afflicted areas in your home and what remedies you can do to mitigate the negative energies.  Remedies and cure can still be placed in those sectors at any time of the year.  Not too late to take action.

I have been using this guide to help me plot my work activities, doctor’s appointment for the whole family (health is wealth – annual check up is key) and important events.  I find it so much quicker and easier by just using this guide as my resource and tool for date selection without flipping through all my other feng shui charts.  You can watch a short video of the guide that I had done earlier in this blog.

For a small investment of US $12, get your copy here.

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2018 Annual Feng Shui Calendar Guide

Here’s a look at what is included in our 2018 Annual Feng Shui Seminar and what’s inside our 2018 Feng Shui Calendar Guide:

Table of Content


Feng Shui and Astrology 

Flying Star Feng Shui 

Facing Direction of a Property 

Practicing Feng Shui 

The 24 Mountain Reference Chart 

Annual Flying Stars Chart of 2018 

The Flying Stars and their Energies 

The Afflicted Areas in 2018 

Do Not Use and Renovate These Sectors

The Auspicious Areas in 2018 

2018 Monthly Flying Star Charts and Calendar 

2019 Year of the Yin Earth Pig Flying Star Chart


Length of Seminar:  2 Hours + bonus webinars

Date of Seminar:   March 26, 2018

See you then.


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