Video – Concept of Prosperity in Feng Shui – The Wealth Star

In a way earlier post here on my blog, I explained a bit about the concept of a money sector or wealth sector in our home.  Is there such a sector or corner as I am often asked.  I just came out with a new video that further explained the 3 different factors that affects our lives and our goals.  What exactly is the wealth star and where is it located in our home?  Find out in this video.



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Margaret’s Interview On Blog Talk Radio

Here is the link to the radio interview I did for Lillian Brummet on her Conscious Discussions Radio Blog back in 2007.  This was only available to the public for a very short period of time and I am doubtful if most of you caught it.  Anyways…..

This is their Best of 2007 Series, edited and released once again for the public to enjoy.  It was fun and a privilege to have the opportunity to share my work and thoughts on the environment with Lillian and her listeners.  Hope you’ll enjoy it too.


Ringing in the Ear & Losing Your Hearing?

Here is a three easy step ear exercise video I just posted on You Tube to help with resolving the challenges of ringing in the ear and losing one’s hearing as we get older.

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Mini Health Videos – Coming Soon!

Hello everyone,
Will be coming up with mini videos of various healthy tips which I have personally found very helpful with my daily regimen of staying fit and for the occasional aches and pains that most of us have been subjected to and as we cope with our more or less sedentary lifestyle.

Please join me here and on my You Tube Channel for these online videos… I will be starting off with my daily 4 steps eye exercise for ‘ eye floaters’.

Stay tune!

Water – How drinking it at the right time helps your body

We get inundated with articles upon articles on what, when to eat, drink and the effectiveness or consequences of not doing it right.

Let me share my own simple everyday regimen.  I prefer drinking warm/hot water than cold and usually drink a cup upon waking, before bedtime, before a shower and definitely, after a shower.  Drinking warm/almost hot water, not tea or coffee, helps me get started for the day.  A cup of tea might follow depending on my fancy that time.

What about mealtime?

Drink water around 20 minutes before a meal or just before eating to clear up your esophagus.  I have always subscribed to not drinking water or any liquid (especially juice or pop) during meal, with the exception of soup.  Soup in itself is a meal, with all the goodness from the meat and veggies now in liquid form.  Instead of water,  drink soup to help wash down your food as you eat.  Drink water only after you feel full from your meal.  That way, you know that you’re full from the solid food you’ve just eaten and not with liquid.

Drinking in between meal just makes you feel full but you’re not.  Before you know it, you’re hungry again, what made you feel full was all the liquid you’ve been drinking while eating.

What are the benefits of drinking water at the correct time?

Researches have now shown that drinking water at the right time maximizes its effectiveness on the body.

  • Two (2) glasses after waking up – helps activate your internal organs
  • One (1) glass 30 minutes before a meal – helps with digestion
  • One (1) glass before taking a bath – helps lower your blood pressure
  • One (1) glass before going to bed – helps in avoiding stroke or heart attack

It’s important to listen to your body.  I like to think that by doing so I have been able to maintain my weight.



2017 – Useful Tips to Start the New Year – Mastering the Art of Fruit Eating

Mastering the Art of Fruit Eating

Fruits are one of the best food for our body, but do we know the best way of getting the most out of the fruits that we eat?  According to research there are ways to eating fruits correctly to benefit from it and gain the secret to health, longevity, energy, balance weight, happiness and beauty.  Here are some tips that I would like to share with you today.

  • Eat fruits on an empty stomach or before meals, preferably 20 minutes earlier.
  • Drink fresh fruit juice…. and not from the bottles, cans or packs, which most of the time contain sugar.
  • Do not drink juice that has been heated.
  • Cooking fruits destroys its nutrients, you are only left with the taste.
  • Eating the whole fruit is better than just drinking its juice.
  • Slowly drink and savor the fresh fruit juice while letting it mix with your saliva.

Some fruits that are packed with good vitamins and antioxidants that helps our bodies ward off diseases:

  • Kiwi – a good source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E, and fiber.  Small, but it has twice the Vitamin C content to that of an orange.
  • Apple – contains antioxidants and flavonoids which enhances the activity of Vitamin C.
  • Strawberry – helps fights free radicals with its high antioxidant power.
  • Orange – prevents colds, kidney stones and lower cholesterol.
  • Guava and Papaya – both fruits have very high Vitamin C content.  Rich in fiber, the guava also helps prevent constipation.  While the papaya is rich in carotene which is good for your eyes.
  • Watermelon – composed of 92% water, it’s a natural thirst quencher, and also packed with a big dose of glutathione, which helps boost the immune system.  It also contains potassium, lycopene and Vitamin C.

As always, we consume in moderation to benefit from the fruits and food that we eat, and seek medical advice from a professional when necessary.


Happy New Year – 2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster!

Stay tune for more ‘2017 – Useful Tips to Start the New Year’ … The Benefits of Warm Water & more…..

Coming soon… A Feng Shui Update of the Year.






Healthy Food – Garlic and Tofu

Garlic is a member of the Allium or lily family, which also includes leeks and onions.  It’s known that garlic contains Allicin, a highly valued sulfur compound and the reason for its pungent smell.  Research has shown that aside from the sulfur-related compound that can help in the control of blood pressure, garlic is also a source of vitamin B6, manganese, selenium and vitamin C.

Other research on garlic has been focus on our cardiovascular system and the studies have shown that it has the ability to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride. The unique sulfur-compound content in garlic has been found to protect blood cells and blood vessels.  It also has antibacterial and antiviral benefits and the ability to help lower blood pressure; protect us from cardiovascular problem.

With the many health benefits that garlic has with its unique components, it is important to incorporate it in your cooking and in your food as often as possible.  Something to consider though is that garlic loses some of its potency and protective properties immediately after cooking and that the best way to take it is in food form, preferably fresh and uncooked.


Tofu contains some healthy compounds as well: Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Niacin, and Potassium. Stir fry or grill firm tofu to create a tasty dish.  We also like it as a dessert or snack, the silken type can be eaten with a bit of sugared water on top.  This type of dessert is commonly served in Chinese restaurants at the end of a meal.

Fresh Garlic and Tofu Recipe

I have been amazed at how my family love this simple recipe, considering fresh garlic is a main ingredient.  It’s the combination of ‘bland and spicy heat’ that makes this dish spectacular.

Main Ingredients

Silken Tofu (530 gram)
Soya Sauce
Garlic (Chopped into small bits)

Cut the silken tofu in half (good for 4 people) or use the whole block and place it in a serving plate. Top the tofu with soya sauce and the chopped garlic according to your taste.  I like to sprinkle as much garlic on the tofu, the more the better.

This recipe needs a bit of getting use to, but it’s a great refreshing side dish and a winner in my book.  Is it worth the garlicky after taste?  In my family, it’s a yes, we get the benefits of both the garlic and the tofu, and no cooking involved!

Happy Eating!


Pineapple – its amazing benefit

Did you know…..

That the common name for ‘Ananas Comosus’ is Pineapple, a short stout fruit bearing plant of the Bromeliaceae family, native to the tropical forests of South America and some Southeast Asian countries.  As an edible fruit, the pineapple is a good source of vitamin A and B for healthy eyes and skin, Vitamin C  for healthy tissue; and minerals, especially manganese important to building and maintaining our bones.  The enzyme Bromelain found in it, breaks down proteins in food and aids in digestion; helps relieve arthritic pain, and may also prevent blood clots and heart related chest pain.

Eating fresh pineapple has been recommended to relieve pain and swelling of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  My favorite way of dealing with aches and pain…. naturally.  Keep in mind the key word here is FRESH.  The pineapple aside from being eaten fresh, from the can, dried or squeezed and turned into juice has many other uses.  Its syrup can be used in processed foods and its skin into cattle feeds.  The leaves contain fibers that can be made into rope, fabric, sacks, mats, bags and netting.  It can also be used as a vegetable dye and produces the colour green.  The variegated leaves are also use as ornaments.  The leaf fibers have also been experimentally used to produce paper.

Like a lot of fruit commercially traded today, the pineapple is grown on special plantations.  Approximate annual world product exceeds three and a half million tons today.


Healthy Eating…

Eating well and staying healthy takes a bit of planning and discipline; creating and organizing simple systems to follow is key to achieving this lifestyle.  Here are some of my own ….

Healthy Breakfast…

A quick and simple recipe for a healthy start to the day; the recipe below is good for one serving.

Boil some water in a small pot and add the following:

3 tablespoon of oats
1 tablespoon each of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, cranberries, and raw hemp seeds.
2 pcs. of dried prunes (optional)

Do not worry if you don’t have all the ingredients, just use what you have.  The amount of water and thickness is up to each individual preference.  Add water if your prefer a lesser consistency to your oatmeal.

Tip:  For easy access and use, store the seeds in individual recycled small glass jars.  Recycle and reuse some of the glass bottles from store bought products.  I find the jelly, jam, honey and tomato sauce jars are the perfect size for storing seeds and nuts.

Healthy Snacking….

Instead of chips, place a few glass bottles of seeds and nuts on the coffee table for a healthier snack.  Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts are a few of our favourites.  Use a serving tray to anchor these bottles, the coasters and other items you have on the table.

Healthy Eyesight….

A juice blend of celery, peppermint and cilantro made fresh daily is said to be beneficial to your eyes.  Needless to say, I’ve tried this and have come to conclude that some people might not be partial to the taste.  Here’s what I did to get the most of the 3 ingredients.  Drink peppermint tea (good for digestion as well), use celery in my soup and veggie dishes, carrots as well, and garnish my soup or meat dishes with cilantro…. lots of them…. I figure I’ve got all of them covered.

Till my next blog…. have a Happy Victoria Day Weekend everyone!