2018 Annual Feng Shui Calendar Guide

Here’s a look at what is included in our 2018 Annual Feng Shui Seminar and what’s inside our 2018 Feng Shui Calendar Guide:

Table of Content


Feng Shui and Astrology 

Flying Star Feng Shui 

Facing Direction of a Property 

Practicing Feng Shui 

The 24 Mountain Reference Chart 

Annual Flying Stars Chart of 2018 

The Flying Stars and their Energies 

The Afflicted Areas in 2018 

Do Not Use and Renovate These Sectors

The Auspicious Areas in 2018 

2018 Monthly Flying Star Charts and Calendar 

2019 Year of the Yin Earth Pig Flying Star Chart


Length of Seminar:  2 Hours + bonus webinars

Date of Seminar:   March 26, 2018

See you then.


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Facebook and You Tube – Online Seminars

In our modern society, we strive to gain more knowledge and information on how we can make life easier in various areas of our lives, from the never ending household chores we do every day, to the more ambitious goal of how to achieve wealth, success and prosperity.

I will be sharing with you through my different media platforms…. News on upcoming events, seminars, insights and tips on feng shui, our environment, harmonious living and other subjects learned over the years.  I hope you will find them helpful in achieving your own goals.

Facebook and ….. You Tube (NEW)

Join us on Facebook and You Tube Channel (Cecconet Publishing House) regularly for updates, news, and videos.  I am happy to announce that my video tutorial on Office Desk Placements is now available on our You Tube Channel.   

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Upcoming Webinar – 2018 Year of the Earth Dog 

What is in store for the New Year? 

Would you like to know where the good and bad energies are located in your home this year to help you achieve your goals?  There are still 8 – 9 more months in 2018 left, not too late to learn how to prepare yourself and your home for the energies of the year.  

Join me online for my 2018 Feng Shui Overview Seminar.  Seminar course includes a PDF copy of the Calendar Workbook.   To register, please check our Facebook, Blog and Website for availability and more details.

Bonus Webinar:  Best Feng Shui Desk Directions for 2018 – 2020 (Webinar)

Tired of rearranging your office furniture every year, what are the best feng shui desk positions for the next three years confronting the Three Killings and without antagonizing the Grand Duke???


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2018 Annual Online Feng Shui Seminar – Year of the Earth Dog

Are you more confused the more you read about feng shui?

I myself was puzzled the first time I looked into what was being practice here as feng shui.  It was quite different from the feng shui practice in most Chinese communities in the East and Southeast Asian countries.  That was my first introduction to the New Age/Modern/Western Feng Shui or others call it Fast Food Feng Shui.  Most of the feng shui books available are on this type of feng shui.  Clearly, it is not the Traditional or Classical Feng Shui that has been practiced so many years ago in China.  This type of feng shui focuses on interior design, color schemes and personal taste.  Its tool is the Bagua Map which does not rely on the directions of the property.

As a Classical Feng Shui practitioner, I have to rely on the compass to assess the quality of feng shui in a house or property.  It’s an important tool in a feng shui audit, especially in the practice of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui is a powerful form of Classical Feng Shui that is used by professional practitioners.  It studies and analyzes the five elements, land formations, directions and the star (energy) combinations of a building or property.  It can help explain a lot of what its residents are going through in their home.

Every Solar New Year the annual stars changes its direction and flies into a different sector of your property bringing with it the energy of that particular star.  These stars whether they bring auspicious or inauspicious energies, have the ability to affect you, your health, wealth, relationship, education and your overall well-being.

A Flying Star Feng Shui chart of your home can tell a lot about the fixed energies of the house.  This can help in identifying which sector or area would be suitable for the main rooms and activities.  Annual and monthly Flying Star charts can greatly assist in the planning of major activities such as weddings, surgeries or moving house.   2017 the Year of the Fire Rooster is on the way out and 2018 usher in the Year of the Earth Dog.  Would you like to know the good and bad directions in your property for 2018 and how to prepare for it?

Join me online then as I share with you an overview of the Earth Dog year.

Upcoming Online Event

2018 Year of the Earth Dog – An Annual Feng Shui Overview 

More information will follow with date/time and registration 

Please stay tune to reserve your seat!  


Water – How drinking it at the right time helps your body

We get inundated with articles upon articles on what, when to eat, drink and the effectiveness or consequences of not doing it right.

Let me share my own simple everyday regimen.  I prefer drinking warm/hot water than cold and usually drink a cup upon waking, before bedtime, before a shower and definitely, after a shower.  Drinking warm/almost hot water, not tea or coffee, helps me get started for the day.  A cup of tea might follow depending on my fancy that time.

What about mealtime?

Drink water around 20 minutes before a meal or just before eating to clear up your esophagus.  I have always subscribed to not drinking water or any liquid (especially juice or pop) during meal, with the exception of soup.  Soup in itself is a meal, with all the goodness from the meat and veggies now in liquid form.  Instead of water,  drink soup to help wash down your food as you eat.  Drink water only after you feel full from your meal.  That way, you know that you’re full from the solid food you’ve just eaten and not with liquid.

Drinking in between meal just makes you feel full but you’re not.  Before you know it, you’re hungry again, what made you feel full was all the liquid you’ve been drinking while eating.

What are the benefits of drinking water at the correct time?

Researches have now shown that drinking water at the right time maximizes its effectiveness on the body.

  • Two (2) glasses after waking up – helps activate your internal organs
  • One (1) glass 30 minutes before a meal – helps with digestion
  • One (1) glass before taking a bath – helps lower your blood pressure
  • One (1) glass before going to bed – helps in avoiding stroke or heart attack

It’s important to listen to your body.  I like to think that by doing so I have been able to maintain my weight.



Concept of Wealth in Feng Shui

A common question that I get asked regularly is, “What area in my home is the wealth area and what do I have to do to activate it?”  There is no concept of wealth in the texts of Classical Feng Shui, nor is there a ‘one size fits all’ wealth area or corner that would apply to all homes.  However, each property does have a wealth sector or a more accurate description, a vibrant or prosperous qi sector that can be activated.  To prosper is to thrive, the goal of classical feng shui is to help an individual be in that environment wherein one can function and perform at their best to fulfill their true potential.  The reward can in turn be financial success and achievement.

Prosperity in feng shui involves not only the capacity of attaining monetary wealth or achieving your goals but also the ability to keep it and live long enough to enjoy it.  In classical feng shui, prosperity is acquire through tapping into the vibrant or wang qi sector of the property, which simply involves the frequent or active use of this area or using an object or element to activate the vibrant qi.  The term, wealth sector, is a simplified form use by practitioners to describe the Wealth Stars.

Fixing your feng shui, however, does not automatically means more money or more money making opportunities.   Feng shui is only 33% or 1/3 of the equation or the earth luck in the cosmic trinity of energies.  The other 1/3 of this equation is your heaven luck which is basically your destiny that you were born with or what’s in your natal chart. Feng shui can help you attain what is in your destiny, whether you are destined to be rich, powerful or famous; but it cannot give you what is not there.

The third cosmic energy or the last 1/3 of the equation is man luck.  This entails your own sweat and tears, your willingness to work, adjust your plans, take on challenges or seek out new horizons.  It will also dictate where you end up, whether you have a comfortable life or not and whether you achieve your goals.  Your network of friends and associates also contributes to this equation.

Activating the wealth qi in a home is in the matter of finding the 3 Wealth Stars of a given luck period, locating them and activating them in your home.  Needless to say, there is no guarantee that people with the capacity to attain great wealth or success will eventually achieve this.  Remember that Classical Feng Shui of activating certain stars is not a one stop solution to financial wealth, it is only 1/3 of the equation, your own effort, your heaven luck all play important roles in achieving your goals.


2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

Classical Feng Shui – A Flying Star Feng Shui Overview 

Before I proceed with what the Year of Rooster has in store, let’s take a quick look at the different types of feng shui that is practice nowadays; by determining whether they fall under classical feng shui or modern/new age feng shui.  A brief description of both feng shui are as follows:

Classical feng shui is the feng shui that was taught back in the Tang dynasty and uses the ancient theories and principles found in the texts on Kan Yu.  It uses formulas, looks at landforms to locate ‘qi’ energy, and the space and time continuum of a property.  In the more advance study of Classical Feng Shui, we also find Chinese Astrology an integral part in its practice.

The New Age or modern feng shui approach is more of an art form, using mirrors, crystals and good luck symbols, more on personal taste and preference.  It focuses on the ‘Chi’ principles, the balance of Yin and Yang, religion and intuition.

The information I have been sharing with you on this blog and in my other platforms are base on principles and theories on classical feng shui.

There are a few types of Classical Feng Shui, and the Flying Stars (Fei Xing) Feng Shui is one of them.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the annual flying stars changes their location usually around February 4 of the Chinese solar calendar.  Areas in your home will be affected by negative and positive energies, depending on where the ‘stars fly’ to.  This also means that the sectors in your home with good or bad energies will differ each year.  These favourable and unfavourable energies affect you when you come in contact with them.  Of course, you’d like to have as little contact with the bad energies and more of the good ones.

In 2017 – Avoid renovations in the East, West 2 and South

Planning a major renovation this year?  Well, avoid these 3 areas:

  • East – Three Killings
  • West 2 – Grand Duke (Tai Sui)
  • South – Five Yellow

These areas must be kept as quiet as possible.  Strictly NO renovation, digging, ground breaking, or drilling.  It is best to avoid or not use any room that is located in these 3 areas if at all possible.  Try to relocate or sleep in another room if your bedroom is in one of the above location.  If your main door is in one of this location, do find or use another door for the duration of the year.  If this is not possible then place the necessary cure and remedy for the afflicted location.

Use the Good Sectors Often

The good sectors are in the Southeast, East, Northeast and North this year.  To tap into the good energies of the year you have to use these areas more often. Spend more time in these areas, alternately you can work or sleep in these areas too.

  • Southeast – Promotion, Investment, Improve Income
  • East – Wealth and Money Luck
  • Northeast – Love and Academic Luck (Or learning a new skill)
  • North – Power and Authority
  • Center – Happy Events and New Beginnings

Remember that the stars fly to different areas of the house each year, therefore a sector that is good this year might not be the case next year.  So it is necessary to update the feng shui of the house every year.

Other Areas of the House

Other areas afflicted by bad energies in 2017 are the Northwest, West, and Southwest.

The Northwest is afflicted by the Illness Star and having a bedroom in this area when you’re of poor health is a bad idea.  The Argument Star flies into the West this year and can cause a worsening of bad relationship if you have a bedroom here.  This area might be useful though for people who like new ideas and don’t mind the challenges that goes with it.  The #7 Robbery Star flies into the Southwest in 2017, it can cause quarrels and disagreements.

The worst sector is the South where the 5 Yellow is located this year, and which is also a fire energy area. Even with a great personal BaZi chart, sleeping and working in this area can have its negative effect.  Solve this problem by not using or renovating this sector, by ‘activating’ or using all the good sectors and thirdly, by remedying it with metal energy.

Hope this will help you activate the good sectors in your home and avoid the areas where the negative energies are located.

If you’ve found my blog and this article helpful, please share it with your family members and friends.  I’d very much appreciate it.

Coming Soon!  Video Tutorials and Online Webinars…..

Email me at courses@cecconetpublshing.com to get updates and details as they become available.


2017 – Useful Tips to Start the New Year – Mastering the Art of Fruit Eating

Mastering the Art of Fruit Eating

Fruits are one of the best food for our body, but do we know the best way of getting the most out of the fruits that we eat?  According to research there are ways to eating fruits correctly to benefit from it and gain the secret to health, longevity, energy, balance weight, happiness and beauty.  Here are some tips that I would like to share with you today.

  • Eat fruits on an empty stomach or before meals, preferably 20 minutes earlier.
  • Drink fresh fruit juice…. and not from the bottles, cans or packs, which most of the time contain sugar.
  • Do not drink juice that has been heated.
  • Cooking fruits destroys its nutrients, you are only left with the taste.
  • Eating the whole fruit is better than just drinking its juice.
  • Slowly drink and savor the fresh fruit juice while letting it mix with your saliva.

Some fruits that are packed with good vitamins and antioxidants that helps our bodies ward off diseases:

  • Kiwi – a good source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E, and fiber.  Small, but it has twice the Vitamin C content to that of an orange.
  • Apple – contains antioxidants and flavonoids which enhances the activity of Vitamin C.
  • Strawberry – helps fights free radicals with its high antioxidant power.
  • Orange – prevents colds, kidney stones and lower cholesterol.
  • Guava and Papaya – both fruits have very high Vitamin C content.  Rich in fiber, the guava also helps prevent constipation.  While the papaya is rich in carotene which is good for your eyes.
  • Watermelon – composed of 92% water, it’s a natural thirst quencher, and also packed with a big dose of glutathione, which helps boost the immune system.  It also contains potassium, lycopene and Vitamin C.

As always, we consume in moderation to benefit from the fruits and food that we eat, and seek medical advice from a professional when necessary.


Happy New Year – 2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster!

Stay tune for more ‘2017 – Useful Tips to Start the New Year’ … The Benefits of Warm Water & more…..

Coming soon… A Feng Shui Update of the Year.






What is a ‘Bright Hall’ in Feng Shui?

What is a ‘Bright Hall’?   Is it just a hall that is brightly lit with lights?

A ‘Bright Hall’ in feng shui refers to an open, uncluttered, wide space that allows qi (energy) to gather.

The external ‘Bright Hall’ in your home is generally the area or space that is just outside your main door, this area should be unobstructed and spacious. It should be clear of clutter and debris.  This ‘Bright Hall’ allows qi to gather outside your property.

The area directly behind your main door is your internal ‘Bright Hall’ and should also be relatively spacious and uncluttered. This allows for the smooth and clear flow of qi into your home.

A ‘Bright Hall’ effect is not achieved with the use of lights to make it brighter nor will the use of bright lights enhance or increase the quality of qi in a space.

It is also important that the main door is not hit by sha qi (killing or negative energy) from structures or objects such as a hydro or lamp post or a tree.



Same House, Different Energy

We’ve talked about astrology as an important part in the study of classical feng shui.  Our natal chart determines the kind of energy that we were born with or born into.  Similarly buildings/houses have their own natal charts as well.  The period luck is the time factor used by classical feng shui practitioners to identify the period of a building.  To determine the period luck and specific natal flying stars chart of a property, the move-in date is always used as a reference point.

Let’s take two houses (House A & House B) built side by side and completed at the same time, but occupied at different times.  Each house could technically have different kind of energy, thus have different flying stars charts.

The flying stars chart of House A will remain the same, if it was occupied and vacated within the twenty years of a single luck period.  But what if House A was sold and left vacant for more than six months, from October 2003 to May 2004, in which a change from period 7 to period 8 occurred (see table below), then its flying stars chart will also change.  The new owners of House A will now have a period 8 chart.

The owners of House B on the other hand who moved into the house in 2003 and are still living in the house will have a period 7 chart.

Determining the flying stars chart of a high rise building, apartments or condominiums however, is a bit different, in that an apartment building is treated as a single house.  This means the move-in date of when the building was first occupied is the flying stars chart of the building, which is also the flying stars chart of each and every unit in the building.

For example, the building of Green Meadows Condominium was completed in 2003 but its first occupants moved-in date was in 2004.  The flying stars chart of this building and all the units within is thus dictated by this move-in date in 2004, which means the move-in date of other occupants that follows does not matter.

In classical feng shui, the period luck is an important factor in determining the natal flying stars chart of a property.

Below is the table that shows the nine period luck of feng shui, consisting of twenty years per period, and the corresponding years.


 Feng Shui Period Luck
Period Duration


1 1864 – 1883
2 1884 – 1903
3 1904 – 1923


4 1924 – 1943
5 1944 – 1963
6 1964 – 1983


7 1984 – 2003
8 2004 – 2023
9 2024 – 2043