2019 Animal Forecast: Pig

Outlook for Pigs in 2019:

Pigs this year will be going through a year of changes and it is up to you whether these changes will be for the positive or negative.  You’ll be able to solve problems, earn recognition for your work and efforts.   Have a amazing online idea…. go for it!  This is also a year to show your ability to solve problems.  Just be careful who you trust at work as there’s a likelihood that someone you rely on will not be there for you.  Be firm in your decisions.

Again, the biggest thing is that change is bound to happen whether you like it or not and if you can weather it when the spotlight is on you then it’ll be a pretty good year for you.   By making some adjustments even with the change, you can still reach your goals.


Knowing just the animal sign of the year that you were born in is incomplete and is only 1/4 of the whole picture. Feng Shui practitioners use BaZi (8 Characters) or sometimes called Four Pillars, a form of Chinese Astrology to determine one’s natal chart. In BaZi, a person can have more than one animal sign in their chart. Base on your personal BaZi Chart, you will get to know the general outlook of each of the animals in your Four Pillars (Year, Month, Day and Hour) and the different aspects of life they represent.


The 12 Animal Forecast for 2019

Hello Everyone,

I will be posting a short forecast of each of the 12 animal signs starting tomorrow, February 14.   Please check this Blog or my Feng Shui for Health and Wealth Facebook page (for those on Facebook) regularly for them. Find out what 2019 have in store for each of the animals this year.

Feng Shui practitioners use BaZi, a form of Chinese Astrology to determine one’s natal chart. In BaZi, a person can have more than one animal sign in their chart. This is just a general outlook for what’s in store for each animal this year.

Stay tune!

2019 Feng Shui Seminar

Hello everyone,
Today I would like to share with you the short introduction video I made for my 2019 Feng Shui Online Seminar. It covers a bit of what I will be discussing in the seminar as well as a quick glimpse of what’s included in the 2019 Feng Shui Calendar Guide (PDF). The start of the Solar New Year is on February 4, 2019 this year. The Chinese New Year which uses the Lunar Calendar starts on February 5, 2019. Lots of time for you to prepare your home for the new energies of the Year of the Yin Earth Pig.

Registrations in now open for my 2019 Feng Shui Online Seminar. Learn the Flying Star Feng Shui energies of the year and where they are located in your home. Includes the 2019 Feng Shui Calendar Guide (PDF) to help you plan and schedule your important activities.

To register for seminar go to: https://www.margaretcecconet.com/to-register-order

What’s New?

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I am back….. Had to step away for awhile and attend to another matter… but am trying to get back on track here. I left off with some video tutorials which I hope you guys were able to watch and learn from.

Watch my free mini tutorials of practical feng shui applications on my You Tube Channel to help you in your feng shui journey and learning.

2019 is just around the corner…. so are you ready for the Year of the Yin Earth Pig? What to expect in 2019 and what are your plans for the new year, any major renovation in the works? Reap the rewards and thrive by getting your home in order.

​Our online 2019 Year of the Yin Earth Pig Feng Shui Seminar is coming soon and includes the helpful calendar guide. Get an overview of what 2019 brings and plan ahead.

Learn the proper use of Classical Feng Shui and it is definitely not interior design. Classical Feng Shui is all about tapping into the invisible force around us. It is the study of Qi or energy that is around us from our natural environment and how we can benefit from it.

​You will learn ….

· The 3 different kinds of energies in your home
· The different auspicious and inauspicious sectors in your home for 2019
· The use of simple tools and resources to enhance positive energies and protect against harmful ones
· How the energies of the year interact or affect each other
· Plan your important activities and use the auspicious dates in 2019 strategically.

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Feng Shui of Apartments and Condominiums

Here is the last part of the video tutorials on Practical Application of Feng Shui. It is more about what features you’d have to look out for when finding a condo or apartment. Other tips would be similar to those found in my Part 1 to 3 tutorials and suggest you review them.

Learn the feng shui points that you have to pay attention too when you’re buying or renting an condominium apartment. These are features that are applicable to apartments and condominiums. I do hope these feng shui tips will help in your search for the apartment with the best feng shui.

Feng Shui of Offices – Work Space Do’s and Don’ts

Part Three:  Practical Applications of Feng Shui

Whether we work in a high rise building or from home, there are certain feng shui guidelines that can create a more harmonious Qi flow in your work space.  Learn what some of them are in my latest mini tutorial available on my You Tube Channel.  I’ve added the link below….



Feng Shui of Houses – 3 Major Considerations

Most of the feng shui basic rules that apply to the feng shui of locations also apply to that of houses. When you have narrow down your selection on the house with the best feng shui location, we can now take a closer look at the interiors.

There are 3 major factors to consider when we’re inspecting a property with good feng shui. Find out in this short tutorial some of the visible features that anyone can easily spot.

Watch it on my You Tube Channel…..

Margaret’s Interview On Blog Talk Radio

Here is the link to the radio interview I did for Lillian Brummet on her Conscious Discussions Radio Blog back in 2007.  This was only available to the public for a very short period of time and I am doubtful if most of you caught it.  Anyways…..

This is their Best of 2007 Series, edited and released once again for the public to enjoy.  It was fun and a privilege to have the opportunity to share my work and thoughts on the environment with Lillian and her listeners.  Hope you’ll enjoy it too.



Ringing in the Ear & Losing Your Hearing?

Here is a three easy step ear exercise video I just posted on You Tube to help with resolving the challenges of ringing in the ear and losing one’s hearing as we get older.

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Mini Tutorials – Practical Feng Shui Applications

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Watch my free mini tutorials of practical feng shui applications to help you in your feng shui journey and learning.  They will be available to the public for a short period of time.  Subscribe to my You Tube Channel to watch them after.

Topics and schedule: (Revised as of June 26, 2018)

  • Feng Shui of Locations – June 28, 2018 (Thursday)
  • Feng Shui of Houses – July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)
  • Feng Shui of Buildings and Offices – July 12, 2018 (Thursday)
  • Feng Shui of Apartments and Condominiums – July 24, 2018 (Tuesday)

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