Feng Shui Interiors

Interior layout and floor plan analysis with practical suggestions to improve the positive flow of energy and remedy negative influences using Feng Shui principles.

Are you compatible with your home? Are the rooms allocated properly? Are you selling your home?

  • Using the 8 Mansions Theory of Classical Feng Shui, a personal favourable and unfavourable direction chart (Ming Gua) of each occupant will be constructed.
  • Base on the individual’s personal chart suggestions will be given as to the best location for their bedrooms and the other major rooms in the house.
  • Rooms will be analyzed as to the best Feng Shui arrangement of furniture and decor for optimum efficiency, harmony, and positive energy flow. Are your furniture arranged to maximize on the flow of energy in the room?
  • Floor plan review and interior analysis with practical suggestions and solutions to remedy negative energy influences.

Client Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. All information supplied through the course of our work will be kept confidential.

We will ask for your permission in the event that we would like to use your names as references for our work. Prior permission to use client’s names for marketing will have been obtained prior to its use.

For any concerns or questions regarding this policy please contact us at: info@cecconetpublishing.com